Sa, 23.9.2017

20:00 | Fabrica de Nubes



Fabrica de Nubes ist das Tonprojekt des Wiener Künstlers Silvester Stöger. Die von ihm entworfenen tracks wechseln zwischen abstrakten tribalen Räumen und repetitiven Strukturen. Zum Einsatz kommt verschiedene hardware sowie Feldaufnahmen.



21:00 | Sonic Luz



"Sonic Luz" – the comeback of the optosonic synthesiser - a live performance by noid and Klaus Filip.

"Sonic Luz" – the comeback of the optosonic synthesiser:

Bringing the technology of optosonic synthesizers into the era of DIY.

The synthesizer provides a maximum of flexibility and the possibility for haptic interaction on all the parts of the tone production, it has no interior that could possibly hidden, everything is laid open for the audience and generates a performative aspect of great beauty.

The core of the machine are printed toneweels rotating on modified USB fans. All the parts are set up openly on the performance table, the synthesizer is played by changing the speed [=pitch] and moving one ore more toneweels between the lamps and the transducers [that can be moved as well].

klaus filip – computer music | programming | composition

Klaus Filip is a performer/composer/programmer and is maybe the first viennese musician, who used the laptop on stage at around 1993. The main focus of his current work is sinewaves, whose subtle and adducent sounds are used in a wide dynamic range. As a sound artist he searches to cross sound and light. Klaus Filip runs a software project called ppooll (formerly known as lloopp) that is a networking collection of a  variety of modules. This freeware is widely used by improvising musicians all over the world. Teaching position at the university of applied arts, vienna. Steady dispute with the computer as a musical instrument.

noid – composition | sound-art | cello | improvisation | field recording

noid understands his work as fundamental research leading to a wide range of contradictory outcome,
spanning from cello-solo and tape-pieces to compositions for ensembles, improvisation scores or performances with electronic or hybrid instruments, from sound-installations to videos and imaginary music.  He is curating for the monthly series "Der Blöde Dritte Mittwoch" and an annual Sound-Art exhibition in Nickelsdorf. He is teaching at the Multimedia-Art department of the University for Applied Science in Salzburg.