Do, 21.9.2017

20:00 | Laura Mello



Pressebild © Caroline Profanter

Piano Logic Body Visual ist eine Performance für Klavierspielerin, 4-Kanal Elektronik und live-Video, eine kontinuierliche Recherche von der Performerin Laura Mello, wo die visuelle Wahrnehmung des eigenen Körpers als Impuls für die Komposition für Klavier, Stimme und Elektronik verwendet wird.
LAURA MELLO arbeitet in Wien und Berlin als Komponistin, Performerin, Übersetzerin und DJ (Grooviana). Ihr Werk umfasst instrumentale, elektroakustische und intermediale Kompositionen, Klanginstallationen und Performances.



21:00 | Chra


Foto: Bernadette Reiter

Christina Nemec aka chra musician, producer, label (comfortzone), writer, DJ and host

Empty Airport
LP/DL Editions Mego eMEGO 208
Release date: May 11 / Morr

»Empty Airport«, Chra’s (CHRISTINA NEMEC) first LP on Editions Mego may be read as a reference to Brian Eno’s ambient classic, though this time we find ourselves in a territory of transit that sounds like a dystopian swan song on civilizatoric debris - a heteropia in which the listener restores himself in a
surrounding that is emptied of human remains, having left just some ghostly echoes behind.

Nemec, who is a member of various band projects like Shampoo Boy (together with Peter Rehberg and Christian Schachinger) or the female berzerker formation SV Damenkraft, has succeeded in producing a significant LP, that merges dark techno and industrial with found sounds and ambient scapes, resulting in a compositoric minimalism that is ushering us in a state of existential trance.

Chra is the alter ego of Viennese author, DJ, music addict and radio/TV presenter Christina Nemec. After a period experimenting with low frequencies and noise effects, chra started to work on more club-friendly beats, using sinewaves processed through a tape recorder and other analogue and digital
tools to allude to landscapes, territories, silence and extraordinary and extreme situations. She is also a member of Shampoo Boy and SV Damenkraft, has made performance works with Lydia Lunch, and runs her own label, Comfortzone.

chra plays with sinuswaves, low frequencies, deep bases – created through shareware soundeffects - processed through taperecorder and analogue and digital tools: logic, ableton live, 4-track-machine, sampler, and bassguitar …

Main topics: landscapes, territories, silence, extraordinary and extreme situations, challenge. chra has been playing shows all over austria, germany, NYC, slovenia, norway, riga, london, poland, mexico, argentina, chile, uruguay and more ...

bandmember with: SV DAMENKRAFT, Pasajera Oscura and SHAMPOO BOY